Can a Instagram rating on your menu change behaviour

With the increasing lifestyle change in the younger generations and the hike in the use of services like Instagram, #FoodPorn as we know has now become a thing with more and more people engaging in the activity of capturing the food they eat. Exploiting this particular trait of the people click photos and sharing it on Social networks, where Instagram is leading.

I’d like to know if people change their opinions based on how the food will appear in a plate, instead of its taste or nutrition factor been considered. Knowing how a notification gives us a kick

Opinionated Answer

The first step would be in determining the customer groups that visit the shop, assuming most of them are the newer “Do it now” generation, this would make an positive impact in improving the sales of a particular dish over the other. In case the customer group is that of a much older generation, who feel silly capturing every meal they eat, the impact wouldn’t be as high. But social impact that the young generation will make on this generation will matter and with time, these customers will also take this rating with a greater importance.

Another additional problem is that, since the default ratings will matter before the Instagram ratings are assigned to the products, they must be actually tested with a user group before finalising. In a scenario where a user orders something with a good rating and the dish isn’t as “Instagrammy” as it was supposed to be, the negative reviews will lower the reputation.

Places where it can be used

Knowing that the traditional restaurants won’t be positive towards such a inclusion in their menus, the target could be restaurants where the customer base is relatively moving. Or it could be taken up by apps like Zomato, asking restaurants to this additional rating. The application of this rating parameter could be increased to “locations” or “places” one must visit.

Let me know what you guys think, about this. Will the customer behaviour change based on “Instagram” rating?

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PC: Pisces Restaurant, Malta