Everyday Surrealism: Creating Art from Photos

The process of learning must never stop, following the same strategy I've spent learning new things all my life. Experimenting with all kinds of things till I find that one best thing!

Today, I started with another Skillshare course which is more about photo manipulation but covers some basics of photography as well, and how to go around creating fantasies from a simple picture that we click.


In the initial part he suggests to take more symmertical pictures, click as many and to take with various variations, for instance with the sky or without the sky, for each will give more elements to play with or getting different exposures. Primary objects were architecture, skies/nature, people which I guess covers most of all the things. In conclusion, the more the merrier.

Editing Architecture

The first thing that galvanised me was the fact that all the editing was done on the iPhone itself, using Photoshop touch, Visco Cam, Lense flaring apps. The example he chose was that of a tunnel bridge, where in he flipped the layers and then change blending mode to portrait two ends to the tunnel and then adding a light flare at the end of each tunnel and then editing with Visco Cam effects, for adding some shadows and neutralising the image.

Editing Still Life

The second example followed the same, flipping and blending mode settings but this time, he played with colours more and gave a nice touch to only the single layer make the image more fantasy based and then editing for final touches in Visco Cam.

Editing Big Sky

This was the most interesting one, started with straightening the image in SKRWT, then using multiple layers of clouds clicked with other layers and changing blend modes and color schemes for individual layers to make a outer space sky with a really nice blend of mist and fiction to it.


The course was nice and introduced some basic tips and tricks to make something neat and explore our imagination.