The overlooked bifocals

Glasses or bifocals as some may call it, are actually there in place to correct a disorder we are facing from. The glasses reside on our nose all day long but never do we consciously notice them. A object that we use at all times without hardly being aware of its existence is a example of brilliant design, or our forgetfulness of our consciousness.

The glass that I wear now was bought for a marriage to be attended and it was bought in a matter of 10 minutes. The thing I never realized the way it would affect my personality. Apparently, the glasses define your attitude, your face structure and how people perceive you as a person in their heads (a.k.a judge you). The frame is a “Wayfarer” so basically it is big, thick and makes me looks like a geek. The wayfarer have a long past, first introduced by Ray-ban in 1956 they hold quiet a grip on the market.

The glasses on the other hand, those transparent pieces of glass moulded to solve the real problem here go un-noticed. There are variety of materials with what these glasses are made. But unfortunately there is no measure for they affect your perception of others.

They are the first thing I wear everyone, after getting fresh. My way through the night visit to the washroom, the safety to my eyes when riding. The only time I really miss them, is probably when the time comes to swim, the vision has become so blurred over the years and dependent of the glasses that living without them doesn’t seem possible any moment.

I have this other pair of glasses, that was bought for the same wedding but are rimless. Completely ironic from the Wayfarer, giving a completely different face to me altogether. The difference is so much that people ask me if my moods have changed or if something happened in life after I switch from one to the other.

The glasses have the same power, but that doesn’t matter it is the picture that it creates in the viewers eyes. The wayfarer have become my way of showing my dominance and arrogance to some point now, making me feel more secure and confident. The rimless on the other hand are just a pair of glasses held by the end pieces, making me a more sane and a obedient person who works honestly and only does good for the world.

The perception that has formed in my head is mostly because of kind of reaction I get from people, with the rimless they consider me a lot more friendly and dependent, one of the follower types or the smart quiet types. On the other hand the wayfarer gives this geeky, evil kinda look a person who would flaunt and lead, a person who would make a mark.

The personality that has been built over these glasses is broken. Cause at the end of the day I’m the same old person.