Word List #01

  • Astute - Wise
  • Asylum - Place for refuge or shelter
  • Atavism - Relating to or characterised by reversion to something ancestral
  • Asunder - Apart
  • Asymmetric - Having parts which fail to correspond to one another

Sunny being a astute person, left the asylum to search for his kids. The kids were miles asunder from him in a remote location, but seemed to have a atavism from their ancestors who lived in the worst of the situations. One of the kids Prate had asymmetric toes.

  • Atheistic - Denying the existence of God
  • Atone - Pay for, Make Amend
  • Atrocity - Brutal Deed
  • Atrophy - Wasting away
  • Attenuate - Weaken

Sunny being atheistic couldn't atone to praying for the atrocities he was facing. Meanwhile the health of his kids was atrophying. As Sunny began to look for his kids, his bones started to attenuate.

  • Attest - Testify, bear witness
  • Attribute(N) - Ascribe, explain
  • Attribute(V) - Essential Quality
  • Attrition - Gradual wearing down.
  • Audacious - Bold, Daring

There was a woman who attested Sunny and he was struck by her marvellous attributes. He explained her the attrition his kids might be going through. Listening to him she vouched to help him, and looking at her audacious moves he assent her support.

  • Audit - Examination of Accounts
  • Augment - Increase
  • Augury - Omen, Prophecy
  • August - Impressive, Majestic
  • Aureole - Sun's Corona; Halo

Meanwhile, in the town of "Worli" all the companies were being audited, for they had promising augmentation of their profits but not a lot was reflect on their balance sheet. The very famous "Arnab" guru of IT returns had interpreted this as an augury of evil. As the IT officials walked in the august complexes of this companies one could see the aureole through the glass windows, as the sun was setting down.

  • Auroral - Relating to Aurora
  • Auspicious - Favourable
  • Austere - Stern, Strict
  • Austerity - Sternness, Severity, Lack of Luxury
  • Authenticate - Prove Genuine

There were some august paintings of the auroral, it seemed really auspicious. But they seemed really austere, for they had to authenticate themselves as government employees with austerity.

  • Authoritarian - Favouring or Exercising total control, non-democratic
  • Authoritative - Having the weight of Authority, dictatorial
  • Autocrat - Monarch with Supreme power.
  • Automaton - Mechanism that imitate actions of Humans
  • Autonomous - Self Governing

The authoritarian company had its guard deployed outside the CEO's office, where the authoritative individual acted upon the affairs of the company like a Autocrat taking nothing into account. With most of his company working on Automaton, it was mostly autonomous.

  • Autopsy - Examination of a Dead Body; Postmorterm
  • Auxiliary - Providing or Offering help; Additional Subsidary
  • Avarice - Greed for wealth
  • Averse - Reluctant
  • Aversion - Firm Dislike

The CEO's avarice had already made him a figure of aversion for a lot of people, he was also charged with some cases which were under autopsy of the victim. The company however provided auxiliary services to the government which them averse to the orders of the IT officials.

  • Avert - Prevent; Turn Away
  • Aver - State confidently
  • Aviary - Enclosure for birds
  • Avid - Greedy; Eager for
  • Avocation - Secondary or Minor occupation

To avert any problems the CEO averred that there was nothing wrong with the Balance sheets and gave them to the officials. The Officials being avid for money, gave the CEO a hint for their avocation of corruption. (Meanwhile the aviary which was next to the complex, had a scene going on)

  • Avow - Declare Openly
  • Avuncular - Like a Uncle
  • Awe - Solemn Wonder
  • Awl - Pointed tool used for Piercing
  • Awry - Distorted; Crooked

The CEO avowed that there was nothing wrong with the balance sheets and refused to give any money. The avuncular official then looked at him with an awe, for it was the first time he had seen someone so confident. They then used the awl to punch additional holes in the files. The CEO gave a awry look to that cause he seemed confused with the actions of the officials.

  • Axiom - Self-Evident truth requiring no proof
  • Azure - Sky Blue
  • Babble - Chatter Idly
  • Bacchanalian - Drunken
  • Badger - Pester; Annoy

The files were the axiom that there was indeed no corruption, the skies turned azure as the sun was about to set. The officials were babbling among themselves to find a way to badger the CEO for some money, when they saw a bacchanalian employee walking outside a room.